My first guest blog, Great Expectations, was posted today on PsychCentral

Excerpt:  "While I’m happy that the election turned out the way it did, I worry about all that’s expected of our new president-elect…it got me thinking about the rest of us. When is the pressure of
expectations a good thing? When is it bad? How do you tell the
difference? And what do you do about it if it’s bad?"

As a blogger it's a big deal milestone to be asked to guest post. Especially when it's World of Psychology, because I really respect Dr. John Grohol, the CEO and founder of Psych Central and what he's done building this site. OK, now I'm sounding lame, so I will stop and just say, please, go read my post! Leave a comment (that would be nice).

And check out PsychCentral while you're there. It is chock full of up to the minute resources and information. Have fun!