Norooz (or Nowrooz) is the New Year holiday in Iran. Norooz means 'New Day' which is what the vernal equinox gives us as our days get longer than our nights.

Spring is full of celebrations of renewal. I love the Persian tradition that honors this day as the beginning of a new year. My birthday is in April, making me an Aries, the first sign in the astrological calendar and literally a new year for me.

Yesterday at the end of a long, eventful week I was pretty drained. Then I saw a flock of robins hopping around the purple heads of crocus in an otherwise fallow flower bed. Children were outside, some playing basketball in the driveway, another learning to ride her bike solo, people walking their dogs.

Some of us are still waiting for our re-birth celebration, but the days of lent grow shorter and the hope we embrace in witnessing nature come alive again lightens our burden.

Happy New Day, Happy Norooz!

Photo courtesy Robert_C