Let me say straight
off, I am not a football fan. It's not that I'm anti-football, just not a
follower. That is not easy to say in a town where following the local
NFL team is like a religion.

There is one day, though, when I,
and many like me, transform into enthusiastic fanatics while watching
unimaginably huge men butt heads. Super Bowl Sunday! It's like becoming
Irish on St. Patrick's Day. You join 'em or you lose out on a lot of

To make this high holy day as enjoyable as possible I'm planning to:

Drink a lot of water, the H2O type, clear and additive free. I like the taste of beer (my hostess promises some nice, local micro-brews) but I don't want to mistake drinking for enjoyment with drinking to hydrate. 

Bring food that I know I can eat guilt-free. I just called my friend and she said she had plenty of desserts, thank God. I will bring the veggie tray and hummus. 

Get in a decent workout before the party. Using the method Frank Bruni used to stay slim while being a food critic for the New York Times, I will sweat for thirty minutes or so, expending a few calories, so I can have myself a bit of brownie.

Spend more time talking than eating. If I can tear myself away from the hors d'oeuvres long enough to realize there are interesting people in the room to learn about and exchange funny stories with, I can distract myself pretty well.

Thoroughly enjoy the ooey-gooey stuff, too. Let's be real. A Super Bowl party is not the place to be all strict about every bite. I just want to be mindful about the goodies and not ruin the gusto by downing fist-fulls of chips without thinking.

There's always the game and those silly commercials. Lately the Super Bowl games have provided top-notch entertainment and a wonderful way to take a little break from the stress of the every day. So let's go out there and have some fun!

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