Mothers’ Day is one of those Hallmark card holidays. The expectations can be beyond belief.  Sorry, I may have a skewed vision of things but I hear stories about mothers who go crazy if their every Mothers’ Day wish isn’t fulfilled. They feel entitled to expect the moon because they sacrificed so much for their children. Yikes! There are landmines out there just under the surface ready to go kablooey if you tread off the ‘right’ path.

That goes for all concerned, the kids, the mother, the poor father, if there is one around, who somehow is responsible for everything going ‘right’ if the kids are small.  Tension to rival Mid-East peace talks if the kids are adults.

I hope everyone can lighten up and have a good time even if breakfast in bed is lukewarm hotdogs with a bouquet of dandelions on the tray or the restaurant has an hour and a half wait time.

God bless all mothers, especially those who can’t be with us.

Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash