Thanks to Mac, my friend on Facebook, I learned about this wonderful program that uses Equine Assisted Therapy to help veterans with PTSD.

Maze, a licensed clinical social worker, offers this program for
soldiers stationed at Fort Gordon, Georgia in the Warriors in
Transition Program.

“I’ve always wanted to come
back and work with the military…Equine Rescue of Aiken [South
Carolina] is a perfect match. We have horses who need healing and we
have soldiers and people who need healing.”

She goes on to describe the special power horses have…

all have their own style of therapy that they like to work with. One
horse likes to work with people who have Attention Deficit Disorder,
another works with those who have mental challenges; [the horses]
migrate toward them. I worked with civilians in Kentucky. We have a
conscious mind, things that we’re aware of, and we have [the]
sub-conscious and unconscious. The horses seem to be able to get at
that innate sub-conscious…things the person being treated may not
recognize. It makes people think outside the box to come up with their
own solutions.”

Suze Maze
has what it takes to be a qualified equine therapist. On her Facebook
profile page, she says, “After a forced retirement from riding
racehorses for 20+ years, then
the pursuit of a professional career as a licensed clinical social worker,
I am now able to combine them both with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.”

Anyone wanting to learn more about this particular program could contact Suze directly .You can get more information about other Equine Assisted Therapy programs at the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association website (EAGALA). They have programs around the world.