While I am cozy in my home on this peaceful Sunday, across the globe people are struggling to survive. Fortunately the few friends and acquaintances I have in Japan are out of danger. In this way the Internet is a God send. Even though phones were down many were able to post to Facebook or Twitter. That provided a great deal of relief to many around the world anxiously waiting for word from their loved ones.

Not being in the grip of the catastrophe, it is hard to imagine the devastation and too easy to seal off feeling and claim disaster fatigue. Here are a few links to articles that don’t just report the chaos. They give us some direction as to what we can do from afar. By taking even this little action we do something for our own anxiety and help those in more direct need as well.

Earthquake Relief Options via the Huffington Post

Praying for My Country from Portland, Oregan

Lady Gaga designs wristband for Japan disaster relief

SXSW and the American Red Cross Join to Help Japan