Anytime you pair more than one person together there will be occasional problems. This is to be expected. Spouses argue, siblings argue, co-workers disagree and often argue. To a certain extent, the occasional argument is to be expected and is healthy. However, at times things go beyond healthy and the arguments become counterproductive and establish a dysfunctional pattern that is disruptive to any relationship. It’s best to figure out how to break free of that disruption or you’ll find your relationships quickly turning sour.

how to argue nicely

Over the years I’ve come up with four rules of engagement.

How To Argue Nicely! 

These do not have a special order to them. It’s just important to remember.

  • Avoid yelling or use foul language.
  • Keep It Private – Never bring others into the argument.
  • Forget the past in an argument, don’t bring up the past.
  • Allow time out.

These can appear to be basic but if you are reading this you probably need to be reminded. Am I right? Sometimes we forget the basics, sometimes we take our loved ones for granted and we start talking out loud the way that we would be embarrassed to see ourselves later on video.   It’s mindblowing how the small things in life can have on the big stuff in life. Generally speaking we don’t trip over tree’s and boulders but instead, we trip over twigs and stones.   

If you find yourself tripping over your words more than you’d like maybe you should get a relationship tune-up. Our relationship experts have heard it all, we’ve seen it all and we know how to help. Give us a call so that we can help you. Call us now.

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