Happy New Year, Everyone!

Why are we compelled to do the New Year’s Resolution thing?  Isn’t it annoying?  Usually it centers on self improvement which is boring.   Once a friend of mine resolved to eat better quality chocolate in the New Year.  Now that’s a resolution I can get behind!  Today I decided wearing bolder colors would make a good resolution.  Busting out of the safe neutral zone has long been an ambition and this is my year to do it! I resolve to do it!

I resolve title on an image of a clothing retailer

You might know from prior posts that I am not a good shopper, nor do I enjoy the shopping experience but this morning I decided to risk it, my trusty personal shopper by my side.    My daughter, Sofia, is not afraid to go where her otherwise intrepid mother fears to tread… the Mall.  But what else can a girl do when she gets gift cards for Christmas?  Sofia found a sweet “fur” trimmed coat in bright red.  All I wanted was a pretty sweater, black (I know!), to wear to work.  Fortunately the shopping fairy godmother had a better idea.  On sale, deep discount, a sharp burgundy velvet jacket called to me.  Sofia advises: never to buy anything that doesn’t make your heart sing.  When I tried that jacket on I heard a heavenly chorus.  The color made me smile (I looked good!)  and I resolved to invite bold color into my life from now on.

Resolve to discard the Resolutions that make you frown.

So I encourage you all to discard any resolutions that makes you frown just anticipating the effort to accomplish it, like a nasty but necessary chore.  Instead choose something that makes you smile, that makes your heart sing; some little thing you’ve been wanting to do but have put off because it seems frivolous or selfish.  This is our year to let our light shine!