Photo by Stephen O’Bryan,

Today I was ho-humming along, feeling blah and uninspired and not really ready to impress myself. I knew I needed to write but the mojo wasn’t there. My muse had left the building. Then I stumbled upon this brilliant photograph by my friend and business coach Stephen O’Bryan. It was exactly what I needed today!

Impress Yourself!

Here’s what Steve’s friend, Jason, commented about the photo:

“…this is beautiful, in a lot of ways. The colors are SUPERB but again, it’s the story. Someone painted around this. I mean I’m sure it’s there on a white clapboard wall and then someone comes along with the job or desire to paint it blue, but they come to this and they leave it alone …. Why ? … Did they add the “yourself”?  It’s an amazing bit of storytelling.”

What is your story? How do you impress yourself? It’s a challenge but if you take the time to think about it I bet you could come up with at least two or three things you’ve done or are doing that is impressive! How about getting out of bed and taking a shower! Hey! That’s impressive for some of us, believe it! We can be our own inspiration!

Elvira G. Aletta, PhD, Founder & CEO

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Life gave Dr. Aletta the opportunity to know what it’s like to hurt physically and emotionally. After an episode of serious depression in her mid-twenties, Dr. Aletta was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease that relapsed throughout her adulthood. While treatable, the cure was often as hard to bear as the disease. Later she was diagnosed with scleroderma, another chronic illness.

Throughout, Dr. Aletta battled with anxiety. Despite all this, Dr. Aletta wants you to know, you can learn to engage in life again on your terms.

Good therapy helped Dr. Aletta. She knows good therapy can help you. That’s why she created Explore What’s Next.

Today Dr. Aletta enjoys mentoring the EWN therapists, focusing on coaching and psychotherapy clients, writing and speaking. She is proud and confident that Explore What’s Next can provide you with therapists who will help you regain a sense of safety, control and joy.

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