Being a parent in this day and age isn't easy. A Dad trying to take responsibility and do what's right for his kids is under a new kind of pressure these days. Long gone are the days he could just go to the office in the morning and not be bothered with childcare until discipline is called for at the end of the day.

And Thank God for that!

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker, a contributor to Psych Central, had this to day about good fathering. She wrote:

Over the years, I’ve asked both fathers and mothers what they think are the essential qualities of such men. They tell me that fathers who are real men:

Love the mothers. They show their children what mature and reciprocal love, tenderness, and caring is about. They are affectionate and supportive of their wives and are their greatest fans. Neither partner would dream of cheating so both are secure in their love and their partnership.

While I agree completely, I also know that when the father is the survivor of a tough divorce this isn't always possible. For the kids' sake, I hope that such parents can at least learn to forgive each other enough to allow genuine respect to live where true love cannot. That is my Father's Day wish.

Happy Father’s Day!