2054133523_e00ffa2de7An intriguingly dark, 21st century perspective on one of my favorite holiday films. I 
always wondered why Mr. Potter
got away with his evil crime.

Wonderful? Sorry, George, It's a Pitiful, Dreadful Life

An Excerpt: "Lots of people love this movie of course. But I’m convinced it’s
for the wrong reasons. Because to me “It’s a Wonderful Life” is
anything but a cheery holiday tale.Sitting in that dark public high school classroom, I shuddered as the projector whirred and George Bailey’s life unspooled.
Was this what adulthood promised?

By the end of the article the writer sees the Christmas message in the misery rather like George Bailey does in the movie. I don't own many DVDs but this one is in the collection.

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