Mental Health Treatment

Back in 2009 we wrote an article about a study out of our neighbors in Ontario who researched and found out that people with Depression don’t get the treatment that they need.

In 2009 we wrote:

As a provider, whether you work in a hospital setting or an out-patient office, the effort to acquire the needed releases so that you can communicate with all your patient’s health providers is a good investment.

It’s not easy, I know. There’s a lot of phone tag involved and this time is not billable. But even a quick three minute conversation with my patients’ PMD or psychiatrist, helps me feel like we really are all on the same team instead of like the blind men attending to different pieces of the elephant (the elephant being the depression, not the patient).

If you are receiving or need treatment for depression at any level, you can enhance your care by helping all the members of your team talk to each other. You can do this by signing off on the required releases of confidential information, compile a list of all your providers with phone numbers and distribute it to everyone on the team, and just ask: “Did you talk to my psychiatrist yet?” That’s not nagging, that’s being an assertive, educated consumer.


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