Courtesy of Kymberly Janisch

These kids have the right idea! I remember childhood summers when splashing in a blow up kiddie pool in the backyard or running through a lazy lawn sprinkler was just the thing to beat the heat.

Today I thank God for the air conditioning in my office. Living in the North country, only occasionally do we feel the need for air conditioning in our home. But every summer there is about a week when I would hand over my first-born for refrigerated air in my house.

This was that week, when I thank God for the cool air in my office and I think a lot about my neighbors’ pool or just turning the hose on my head while watering the flowers.

Here are some articles to help you keep your cool during the heat wave. Above all, be safe! Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious emergency conditions.

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And finally, the lovely Martha and the Vandellas singing Heatwave!!!