I love my twirly skirt. When I put it on I feel youthful and light. Do you have a twirly skirt? Was there a twirly skirt in your past?

I remember my sister's poodle skirt. It was nothing more than a black felt disk with a hole in the middle for the waist and a white poodle applique, complete with pink collar and leash. Boy could my sister twirl in that skirt!

My mom made a kilt for me when I was in high school. Kilts are classic twirly skirts. I wore that skirt all the way through grad school.

All cultures, it seems, have their version of the twirly skirt. Why? Because they make the biggest impact on the dance floor. And dancing is an international language everyone speaks!

Flamenco dancers, Polish dancers, Irish step dancers, cheerleaders, post war bebop flounces, and yes, kilts! Yeah, even guys like twirly skirts. They are fun, and they make you feel like you're flying.

If you have a twirly skirt, put it on (along with your prettiest underwear) and pirouette the day away!

Photo courtesy of Janks75 via Flickr