5 years ago I posted this video about life and risk-taking. Back then it was more of a reminder to myself and my team about taking intelligent risks, believing in your dreams and those types of things. I just wrote a post about our latest happenings at Explore What’s Next. The evolution of “The Studio at Explore What’s Next”

The Studio has been Dr. Aletta’s dream for many years. It was developed to put into practice our belief that good mental health and psychotherapy is enhanced with nurturing, evidence-based self-care. The Studio will be a place to learn and experience mindfulness stress reduction, meditation, massage therapy, movement such as yoga, strength training, healthy nutrition, sleep hygiene, and more. To see The Studio take shape before our eyes is beyond exciting!

When the construction is done, our Amherst offices will be doubled! At the core of Explore What’s Next is always good psychotherapy and assessment services for children, teens and adults, individuals, couples and families provided by professionals who are qualified, kind and easy to talk to.

Go ahead and read the entire article at https://www.explorewhatsnext.com/tour-studio/ to see how we’ve grown in the last 5 years!

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