777292601_73b1304879 This week I gained a pound. Who's surprised? Not me. I had a lot to celebrate and got distracted. Keeping portions and the hunger scale in mind probably kept me from going completely berserk. I did exercise well, walked like crazy and did some yoga. I'm sure that helped too.

This is for real: I had a dream where I was with several women, all strangers and all of us had weight issues. They were complaining about their struggle, not losing, some gaining, lamenting the state of their bodies. Kristie Alley may have been in the group. Out of my mouth came, "You know, I haven't lost a lot either but I feel better, I know I'm healthier and that keeps me going." When I woke up, I thought, "Who was that dream persona? An alter ego? Do I really believe that?"

Yes, I do. Sure, I'd rather have the pounds fall off faster. I'd rather be more disciplined (Did I really need to order an eggplant parmigiana sub for lunch on Saturday? Does it count that I only ate half of it and shared the french fries?) but over all I'm convinced I have greater commitment and control now than I did four months ago and that it will last.

After all, now that I've celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary I'm thinking about the 50th when I intend to be a rockin' and rollin' 80! That's motivation!

Shout out! Anybody using Spark People? It's a free online diet and fitness service and I'm wondering if it really helps. I love the free part, just wondering about the rest. Let me know what you think!

Photo courtesy of sean dreilinger via Flickr