When I weighed myself Saturday morning I lost one whole pound! The inches around my waist didn’t budge but the scale did. Thank you God! That means that since taking my weight seriously six weeks ago, I’ve lost 3 pounds and 1.25 inches around my waist.

black dress red shoes

A triumph! No irony here – I mean it! Take three 15 oz cans of diced tomatoes, that’s how much I’ve lost. Not bad? That’s terrific! Especially when (I have to remind myself) the slower the weight loss the more permanent the weight loss.

Then take the real evidence of dropping a whole dress size! Just makes me shiver with happiness. Last March I bought a little Italian sheath (at Atelier on Elmwood) that was too tight at the time. I know! Big shopping NO, NO! Stacy and Clinton would gnash their teeth. But shut up, S & C! That shopping expedition three months ago was a big incentive to getting my weight under control.

Last week I wore that little sheath with a pair of brand new bright red shoes and felt like a damn princess!

Listen up my beautiful sisters! Real health gains are glacially slow. Our 21st century “I want it NOW” inner child needs to be told by our inner alpha female to delay that gratification (or real whipped cream strawberry shortcake) for the greater good.

As you can tell I seriously need this pep talk. It frightens me that I will get tired and give up because the loss is so slow and give in to the devil who whispers, “You’ve lost weight! You’re feeling good! You can relax now and eat those potato chips.” Use anything that works for you to keep the divine healthy motivation going.

Every time we make an it’s-going-to-kill-me hard healthy choice I’m convinced we lose three toxic emotional pounds and gain in genuine self-esteem weight.

And that tastes better than all the ice cream in Wegman’s.