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Guest blogger Adreinne Grace believes we should let the world know what our dreams are…

Here you sit, with your big smile and your birthday cake full of brightly lit candles!

“Blow them out, and make a wish, but don’t tell anyone or it won’t come true!”

So say your parents, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who are circled around you and your beautiful cake. As if you would forget. With so many believers it just HAS to be real, we tell ourselves. Keeping a wish secret to protect it is an ancient folk belief.

I beg to differ. I don’t agree that wishes are fragile, wimpy little whispers of possibility. Instead, I see them as powerful expressions of your deepest desires. They need your enthusiasm and the support of your friends and indeed the whole universe, to blossom and grow into the reality you crave. What could be more fulfilling than helping a friend realize her fondest wish? That’s why the Make A Wish Foundation can’t work with just kids concentrating on their silent wishes. Instead they build teams to fulfill everything from meeting Conan O’Brien to going to Fashion Week! Season tickets to the Seahawks! And everything in between.

Don’t hide your wishes away in the dark,and only “hope” that they will come true. Dream big! Celebrate them! Out loud! With your friends and family and with people who don’t even know that they are your friends yet! Grow big, powerful, fruitful, joyful wishes for the life you dream of. When you tell your wishes, you enroll your whole network in those big dreams, and release them into the world where we can all help to nurture them into full-blown reality.

Make that wish! Take a big, big breath, blow out all those candles and let us and the world know what you want in your life!

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