Last night I woke up at two in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. The problem was too much on the brain. From the world financial crisis to guilt over eating too much chocolate brownie (It was Ghirardelli!  Who can resist Ghirardelli!) my thoughts were like tiny ping pong balls bouncing around inside my skull.

Meditation On the Outer Rings of Saturn

Drastic measures were needed. This called for a trip to outer space.

Sleep was Needed

To prepare for my trip I made like a rag doll (corpse pose for you yogis) and focused on my breath. If I concentrate on breathing in slowly, breathing out slowly, I’m not thinking of dollar bills with little wings flying out of the bank. Sometimes this is enough to relax me and fall asleep.

Meditation On the Outer Rings of Saturn

Last night it wasn’t enough. So I went to Saturn. I find my favorite spot on a big asteroid swinging slowly in Saturn’s orbit and gaze back at Earth. Still breathing slowly, the beauty of Earth and the Universe overwhelms the smallness of my worries. There is music, like the resonant Om of Tibetan monks. Breathe, relax, peace…sleep.

Ahhh Glorious Sleep

No medication required.

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Do Not Use Your Bed for Anything but Sleep & Sex!



Wonderful Photo for this blog post by Dingzeyu Li