The fear of being stigmatized at work, at school, within our own families, keeps so many from accepting the very help and treatment they need. Here’s another video from Bring Change 2 Mind, on the real voices and faces of mental illness.

mental health stigma

Update: Eight years later, mental illness stigma and public ignorance still keeps good people from talking out loud about their emotional/psychological challenges. And they’re right. Employers, friends, spouses may need to be brought up to speed to understand the true nature of mental illness instead of the absurd bs Hollywood likes to dish out. Who has that kind of time or energy, especially if all your time and energy is taken up just getting through the day in one piece?

Mental Illness Stigma

I have compassion for people who decide it’s better to hide their mental illness, hunker down and not risk harmful labels stamped on them by idiots. That’s why we all need to help, by speaking up about our own personal mental illness, sharing out loud wherever and whenever we can.

In the time I’ve lived in Buffalo I’ve seen a change. The change feels slow, like watching ice melt, but it’s real and in the right direction. More and more people tell me how all their friends and family know, without judgement, that they see a “shrink” to help them with panic attacks. Or another says how it’s open information that their boss has depressive episodes and takes medication for it and no one cares! His staff even admire him for being honest and real. A friend tells me about how their daughter asked if she could see a therapist because her self-esteem is “in the toilet”. These days I am asked for referrals to good therapists in the same way I might be asked if I could recommend a good dentist!

Isn’t that awesome!

Bring Change 2 Mind

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