Thanks to everyone who responded with delightful descriptions of rooms enjoyed now and in the past.  Every room brought to mind a place of simple beauty, tranquility and unique magic.  Lisa's grandfather's sun room with the spiral staircase and grape vines, Gladys's silo room, the high vaulted ceilings of Ginger's condo, I can imagine each so well and be inspired.  A room with aImages
view is uplifting too, like Walt's Florida home and ST's balcony overlooking the ancient live oak.  Linda cherishes her kitchen as a gathering place for her entire family while Michele and Sheryl love the quiet calm they find in their bedrooms. And while some people may not consider a barn a place of sanctuary, Steve's memories of his ponies' barn echo mine of an old hay barn filled with horsey and hay smells and lots of cats and kittens.  All so different, all so special.  Steve summed up my pleasure in reading all your contributions,

"It's corny but home really is where the heart is!"