You may not know that I lead a double life. Either I'm very lucky or completely nuts to have two work-life passions:  Explore What's Next, my clients, writing, consulting and presentations AND CH3 BioSystems, LLC, the biotech company I co-founded with my husband, Dr. John M. Aletta.

Being responsible for not just one but two small businesses can be nerve racking… (ugh, do I have to say it?) especially in these tough economic times (I swear if I hear that phrase one more time I might have to scream).

So why do it?

Mostly it's exciting, exhilarating and clear that this is what John and I are meant to do. Occasionally I hear: Aren't you too old to be an entrepreneur? To which I have to think they really don't get it. Entrepreneurship has no age; it's a calling, like the priesthood. You just know this is your path and all limiting factors are just obstacles to get around.

Some people tried to discourage us pointing out that the entrepreneurial lifestyle is far from glamorous. And they're right, it's not for everyone. For us things haven't changed all that much. We've always been hard workers, that's just how we roll. Often, after dinner, the dining room table is cleared and out come the laptops. We might get less sleep and have to hold meetings over the weekend. We count every penny (who doesn't?). And we are very happy.

I'm proud to be in the ranks of the American small business owner. Hardly a day goes by when I don't hear some expert saying it will be small businesses and the American entrepreneurial spirit that will re-build our economy.

To which I can only add: From your mouth to God's ears.