To better serve Explore What's Next readers,  posts will be organized around the following features…

  • Mondays are 'Just For You' days, about self-esteem
    building, self-care and ideas for finding balance in our lives.
  • Wednesday features 'The Psychologist Is In' with a psycho-educational
    look at serious conditions like depression and anxiety.
  • Friday will be 'Marriage U' day.
  • Weekends belong to 'Family and Parenting.'

Peppered on alternate days will be quick links to thought provoking  sites and articles, observations, cool quotes and such. 

As much as I love blogging, I have a day job I'm equally passionate about.  So while I may not keep an exact every single week schedule, the days will be true to the category.  The new categories and structure will help provide more substantive content, easy referencing for archived posts and keep the fun!  You'll also notice a less cluttered look on the pages.  Keeping things simple is the idea. 

I hope you enjoy these changes.  Please provide feedback and suggestions for what you would like to hear
or learn more about in future EWN posts!