perfectionism--the dark side

Perfectionism–the dark side of it eats at me. Ten days since since my last post. Ouch. There are many excuses, good ones too, like my bout with stomach flu over a week ago and family events to fuss over. But I have to admit the real reason is a relapse of a recurring affliction… perfectionism. Perfectionism is so much the antithesis of blogging it’s no wonder it froze me out with writer’s block. Perfectionism is a trait similar to obsessive compulsiveness in that our society loves these qualities until they bite us in the ass. If you’ve ever really suffered from the dark side of perfectionism you know what I’m talking about. I saved Perfectthis New York Times article on perfectionism because I knew there would be an opportunity to share it at some point and here it is.

It’s good to be back on the blog, ready to make mistakes, get messy and embrace the joy of making a fool of myself.

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