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Real Deal Ravin’ Reviews is back! Hey there guys! Sorry, my mom and I haven’t really updated lately, but a lot has been happening and the flow of entries has gone down slightly…

Anyway, let’s get on with today’s entry! Today is the newest update of the Real Deal: Ravin’ Reviews. Enjoy.

Real Deal Ravin’ Reviews

~*~Vanessa’s Take~*~
I absolutely loved the movie About A Boy. I felt that it was a marvelous film that showed the importance of acceptance, love, and simply being comfortable with yourself. This movie can totally be watched with a parent. I mean when my mom first brought it home I thought it was going to be another boring old movie that I would not be interested in at all! The thing was once I started to watch it I could not pull away from the television scene, even if I wanted too – which I absolutely did not want to do! The film is filled with a plot that will build with suspense as well as comedy and a wonderfully casted cast! Five stars and two thumbs up!<3   

Dr. A’s POV :)
I’m glad Vanessa liked this movie so much.  Mom’s will enjoy it too, on many levels.  One is Hugh Grant at his sly charming best.  His character, Will, is an aloof independently wealthy man who needs nothing and no one.  The story really focuses on Marcus, a twelve year old so clueless he makes you cringe.  His Mom is played by Toni Colette, a wonderful Australian actress who was the Mom in Little Miss Sunshine.  She is severely depressed, the character, not the actress, and Marcus worries about her.  Each of these characters is alone on their separate islands until Will’s witless idea of hooking up with single moms (he figures they’re desperate and grateful–disgusting) brings them together.  The boy and his mom make this movie work, they are totally believable and lovable in their dysfunction and they get better without losing their quirkiness.  It’s a love story and a bit of a tear jerker without being in your face about it.

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