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All of us at Explore What’s Next sincerely hope this finds you well. Thank you so much for your patience, flexibility, and resilience during this time of great change. The transition to using tele-sessions was made remarkably smoothly due in large part to your openness to make it work. Now, after being closed since mid-March, we are happy to begin the process of reopening for in-person office visits for counseling and medication management. Currently, our re-opening date is July 6.

We continue to provide tele-sessions for anyone who is high risk, or prefers or needs that mode of service for any reason. In addition, each professional may have individual reasons that will impact their plans to return to office visits. Our heartfelt goal is to prioritize your safety and the safety of everyone who works at EWN while continuing to provide a welcoming, warm environment whether through tele-sessions or at the office. Take whatever time you need to discuss your options for continued or beginning counseling with your therapist.

When visiting our Amherst and Buffalo offices a few things to consider

We start by assuring you that the offices are cleaned regularly, deeply once a week by professional cleaners, with hard surface wipe down with disinfectant throughout the day. Hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance to the suites, all offices, plus hand soap and sanitizer is available in all bathrooms. 

We will schedule appointments to provide as much social distancing and time to sanitize between appointments as possible. Start times for sessions and office hours will be staggered throughout the day and week in order to keep viral exposure as low as possible. We have updated our HVAC filtration systems and provided window fans for offices as well.

We ask that you please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled session. Relax in your car until your therapist calls or texts you. 

Before getting out of your car, you will be asked to complete a brief checklist that covers questions required by the Department of Health such as are you experiencing any symptoms or recent exposure to anyone who has tested positive for COVID.

Only the cIient will be allowed in the suite. If you need to be driven or accompanied by anyone, they will have to wait outside of the suite. The exterior doors will be locked at all times for safety.

Your therapist or nurse practitioner will greet you just outside the door to the office suite. A minimum of six feet distance between people is required. Your temperature will be taken by a contactless thermometer and recorded. All of our therapists will do the same for themselves every day.

Everyone entering the building will be required to wear a mask to be worn the entire time you are in the office, including during your session. A mask will be provided if you do not have one.

To be as safe and efficient as possible, waiting areas and the coffee/tea bars have been cleared and reading materials removed. Upon entering the building you will be invited to go directly to your therapist’s office. Six feet of social distancing will be maintained and is required at all times.

All returning clients will be asked to sign a consent form to assure that you have received all the information you need to make an informed decision to return to office sessions.

These are, without question, challenging times. Please keep in mind that office operations may have to be altered if conditions and requirements by the state change. You will be notified immediately if such a change is needed.

All of us at Explore What’s Next are dedicated to continuing to provide the supportive services you have come to expect from us in the safest manner possible. As always, we welcome your questions and wish to hear your concerns. Contact us at or 716.634.2600 or you may reach out to your therapist directly.

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