This morning after a much needed, but not brilliant run, (my first in, what, two weeks? so please, give me a break) I lingered over breakfast while browsing through the New York Times. After glancing over the headlines of a slow news day, e.g. Mayor Bloomberg and company getting grief for slow response to winter storm, to which I can only say, Ha!, I went straight to the Thursday Styles Section.

The top story in Styles was 110 Things New Yorkers Talked About in 2010. An amusing read and got me thinking about all the other 2010 lists that come out this time of year. Here is a sampling for your New Year's Eve Eve enjoyment!

The Best & Worst Movies of 2010   Black Swan is on everyone's best list so I guess I will go see it this weekend. On the other hand, I don't need a list to tell me to stay away from Little Fockers.

Best Blogs of 2010 Some of my favorites, plus some new ones to be discovered, like Robert Ebert's blog!

Ten Best Foreign Films of 2010 Notice how foreign cinema, as in 'not North American', is referred to as 'film' rather than 'movies'. Hm.

100 Best Companies to Work For in 2010 Yes, Wegmans is on the list: #3 this year. If I ever quit my psychology gig I will come back as a baker at Wegmans.

Top Baby Names for 2010 Elvira will never make this list.

Best Books of 2010 Who knew Patti Smith would become an award winning author?

Best & Worst Products of 2010 The iPad is Number One. Someday I will tell you how we got one for free!

Best & Worst of a Lot of Stuff in 2010 This guy, Ken Levine, is funny. He writes:

"WORST MOVIE I WILL NEVER SEE – LITTLE FOCKERS. I’d rather cut off my own arm."