More On Surviving the Staycation Vacation.

For last weekend's trip (Number 2 for the month) I applied a little common sense:

If you don't want to binge on trans fats don't have them in the car!

Instead I brought along washed grapes, grape tomatoes, blueberries, baby carrots and a bag of Smartfood.  The cheesy, salty, crunchy Smartfood  satisfied the cheesy, salty, crunchy neuron receptors in my brain.  Not really all that 'smart' and hardly qualifying as 'food' but not egregiously offensive calorie wise; which meant I didn't have to disgrace myself by wrestling the Zesty Taco flavored Doritos out of my teenagers' hands. 

Peace reigned in the car and I arrived at our destination not hating myself.

Coming soon: How to make home re-entry as easy as possible after a road trip OR Why am I so tired after just sitting for six hours?