Worried?  Eating That Won't Help!

OK, maybe it will help for about five minutes but after that we live with regret and worse, guilt.  Emotional eaters [yes, I am one] are having a really hard time keeping calm these days and even optimists say we may need to keep our seat belts on for a while.  How can we resist eating our way through the Recession?

1) Take action. DO SOMETHING!
2) Be a picky eater – Put down your kids' Goldfish and go for white fruits [they're naturally soothing] and choice, crunchy carbs [low sugar, of course]
3) Skip the caffeine – the last thing we need is to be wired plus caffiene makes us hungrier
4) Call a friend, your sister. Call me!
5) Wait 20 minutes – If you can resist the dark force for twenty minutes and you still want it, treat yourself to a small portion.
6) Use aromatherapy – Lavender calms, Rosemary sparks. Engaging other senses besides taste
7) Drink a lot – skip the alcohol, go for clear liquids, flavored water…
8) Meditate for ten minutes or take cat nap