This may not last long but at the time of publication my posts are all over Psych Central’s World of Psychology blog.

I’m not one to brag. It’s just not in my DNA. But this is just too funny!

My article on 10 Reasons Therapy May Not Be Working was posted today so that’s at the top of the blog.

Right after that Therese Borchard,  Psych Central Associate Editor, sites my piece on finding a physician in Tips to Find a Good-Enough Doctor.

THEN in the side bar at the right, under Most Popular Posts these articles are posts 2 through 10. Clearly a server glitch of some kind, it still makes me smile.

Yesterday my post on Charlie Sheen and AA was on the Most Popular Posts list for like the 15th day straight. It also hit over 400 Facebook Likes, which just knocks me out!

AND another old post of mine 10 Things to Say to a Sick Friend, published a year ago, made a repeat appearance on the Most Popular Posts list.

Whew! :-)