Stop Whining. It's Only An Hour!
Says who? For us morning people, and those on early fixed schedules, one hour less sleep is a drag. Plus, I was just beginning to enjoy the dawn's early light when I woke up. Now it will be dark again. That makes me cranky.

Then there are those who happily anticipate the sun shining brightly at seven in the evening. More sunlight after work! What could be wrong with that?

Whatever our preference, we have no choice but to change the clocks one hour ahead tonight so we may as well accept it and adjust. We can be thankful the government was wise (for once) and chose to make the change on a Sunday and not on Monday.

Jane Kwiatkowski, News Staff Reporter at the Buffalo News, interviewed me and other experts to get our advice on how to make the transition to DST
as smooth as possible. You'll find her piece Beat The Clock in the Weekend Life section of today's paper.

Bottom line: I'm going to try to keep the pace slow for the next few days.  I won't expect much from my teenagers either. If yours are like mine, they have a tendency to stay up late on weekends causing jet lag on Monday. This Monday it's going to be like they flew in on the red eye.

photo courtesy Orfield