Labor Day Thoughts

For millions of people, getting the day off on Labor Day isn’t a problem. The unemployment numbers are in the double digits in many states, 9.7 at latest count for the United States. Sadly, as pointed out in the New York Times article Out of Work and Too Down to...
8 Steps To Find Hope After An Affair

8 Steps To Find Hope After An Affair

The question I’m often asked is “How to Find Hope After An Affair?” Few things harm a relationship more than an affair. Whether the affair is emotional, a ‘one night stand’ or full-blown, the betrayal delivers a life-altering blow. Will...

Redemption in the Power of Music

You’ve seen posts from me before about music and the important role I believe it plays in our mental health. Music has the power to inspire, motivate, support, nurture, to allow emotion like nothing else can and yes, to make life bearable and hopeful.