A very interesting discussion is going on over at PsychCentral. Once again John Grohol, the CEO and main writer on the PsychCentral blog, struck a nerve. He writes that therapists sometimes don't tell their patients everything, either to protect them or because they just don't see it as relevant to therapy. I try my best to be up front with my patients but I'm not perfect either. And he's right, there is sometimes a discrepancy between what we learn in graduate school and what we intuitively find works for us and for our patients.

Most interesting to me was that so many of his points are about the fight between therapists and insurance companies. It's all absolutely true. I thank God every day that my practice is set up so that I do not have to put up with their nonsense, well at least not as much.

Here's Dr. Grohol's introductory paragraph…

Psychotherapists are a unique profession in the world because they are
paid to listen and help people improve aspects of their lives or combat
a mental health issue that’s affecting them. But there’s some stuff
that goes on in the therapy office that you should know about before you decide to take the plunge (or if you’ve already taken it, well, better late than never!). Here’s a few…

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