My Evening With High School Musical 3

True love is reasonably putting off our own happiness for the happiness of those we love.  In that spirit I joined my daughter in her quest to be among the first to see the next installment of the adventures of Gabriella and Troy's senior year.

We arrived two hours before the showing and were tenth in line. Within an hour the theater lobby was packed and the line we were on coiled around and out of view. My daughter was in heaven.

It's odd to admit, HSM3 wasn't terrible. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was much, much worse. Afterwords I could actually discuss the nuances of Troys existential conflict and not gag!

Tickets to the movie: twenty bucks. Annoyance factor when the ten year old sitting next to me broke my ear drums: off the charts. The feeling I got when my daughter thanked me for sharing this special evening with her: priceless.