This book tells my story about coming to grips with not just one, but two chronic illnesses. In my early twenties I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a rare kidney disease that usually affects young boys.


Then in my thirties, I came down with scleroderma. Never heard of that either.

What Is Chronic Illness?

When we are young it is our God-given right to take our health for granted. Chronic illness means getting sick and being told it is not going away, and that stinks. Our bodies have suddenly freaked out on us and we’ve lost control of the one thing we thought we could count on.

While I had to learn the hard way how to live well despite chronic illness, you don’t! Every single one of us can use some compassion, wisdom, and irreverence once in a while, especially when we’re laid low with pain and other limitations. It was important to me to be real in this book, real and serious with a light touch. I’m a great believer in

“That which does not kill you makes you stronger – and laughter makes you stronger still.”

You can pre-order my book, “7 Rules For Living Well With Chronic Illness” now on Amazon! In future blog articles, I’ll share more about my seven simple rules to help you live with chronic illness and thrive! Stay tuned!