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My living room has a nice bank of windows that faces South-East. We call this room the ‘Morning Room’, in a mix of sincere irony. It’s a great room to catch the morning sun plus we like the way “I will take my coffee in the Morning Room, Beetes!” always sounds on Masterpiece BBC productions. Why should one room in the house be designated the ‘Living Room,’ anyway? Aren’t all rooms in the house living rooms? Who decided that that particular public room of the house where family and friends gather when they aren’t watching television (rare, let’s face it) be called the ‘Living Room’? And what ever happened to ‘parlors’, anyway?

But I digress…

Today we get an extra hour snapped onto the day. What you do with that hour is nobody’s business but your own. Linger under the covers? Get up and rake leaves? Read more of this month’s book club selection? Write a blog post? The idea of an extra hour to do with as you will is as yummy as indulging in an extra brownie that magically has no calories!

Until the end of the day when the daylight dims too early. Then I get a bit grumpy. I take the waning of daylight in the winter very personally.

My friends in the Southern Hemisphere remind me that when I post something about the seasons to remember that our fall is their spring, our winter, their summer. Just like that drinking song says, “It’s always five o’clock somewhere,” it does make me feel good to remember that on this Earth, the sun’s benevalent rays are always shining somewhere!

On a more practical level, because I do not own a condo in Florida, this fall I am actively working on Seasonal Affective Disorder busters by:

1. Stepping up my exercise. I am a lazy exerciser. As much as I advocate it with everyone I see in my practice, the fall is an easy time to lapse. This year I decided I need a coach to help me keep my game on. So after doing some research, I engaged a personal trainer. It’s about the cost of an alcohol-free dinner for two at TGI Fridays, not cheap but not prohibitive either. I just had one session so far and I will let you know how it goes. For now I am excited!

2. Making play dates with old friends. Being busy, busy, busy, I have a bad habit of neglecting my friends, people I hold dear.  Thankfully, they forgive me when I finally call them up and ask for a visit. Coffee at Starbucks, lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant, a long walk in the park, or window shopping. I like one-on-one time or small groups so much more than a big party. Looking forward to seeing them, even if we can’t arrange a date until 2012, works just as well to keep my spirits flowing.

3. Remembering what is Good. How easy is it to commiserate that the world is going to hell in a hand basket? And how depressing? It takes effort to remember that we have roofs over our heads, and nice roofs at that. I have a shower that delivers hot water without having to cart it in and warm it up on a wood fire. There is food that not only nourishes me, it delights my taste buds. There are people in the world who love me. And if I listen very closely, and slow down long enough, I can hear the soft, kind voice of Spirit.

I just need to remember all this when the shadows grow long at four this afternoon!