National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast two stories on what colleges and universities across the country are trying to do to take care of the mental health needs of their 

More young people who live with the challenges of mental illness attend college. Advances in treatment including medication management, make secondary education possible for many who couldn't have even considered it before.

Like most new trends there's the good news and the bad news. 

The good news: Worthy young adults get to experience the advantage, challenge and adventure of college life.

The bad news: Many colleges and universities are not well prepared for the increased numbers of kids who need behavioral health support or services while at college.

These two stories, linked below, especially the one aired today, report on what many forward thinking institutions are trying to do to address the bad news.

Once again, society shows signs of finally letting go of the notion that mental illness is something to shove under the rug, out of sight. The risk is too high, and too many of us are directly or indirectly effected by continued ignorance. Thanks to NPR for their excellent reporting.

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