5 Ways to Put the All-You-Can-Eat Genie Back in the Bottle: Part 2

The party actually went pretty well. I actually managed to follow all five of my party survival tips. Wearing my Banana Republic skinny jeans (1), I arrived with a tummy filled with carrots (2). I had a small glass of white wine and after I drank that, switched to Coke Zero (3). There was pizza of all kinds. I had one good sized slice of the vegie and made it last by eating it with a knife and fork. There was a fruit salad which I was grateful for; I had two servings of that.

It was a nice party, a mix of old friends and interesting new ones. After dinner the cookies and candy wear brought out. Thankfully they were placed on the kitchen table, out of sight and mind while I hung out in the living room.

Then the devil, in the form of the spunkiest white-haired woman you can imagine, decked out in a bright Christmas sweater, decided the cookies were not getting proper attention in the kitchen. So she brought three (count them!) THREE trays packed with all varieties of cookies and chocolates and put them down right in front of me!

I grabbed her arm, "You are the devil!" I gasped. She laughed an innocent angelic laugh, and sat down beside me. Taking advantage of the diversion, I introduced myself. Thank God she had a great sense of humor. As we chatted (4), the cookies shrunk away, no longer a threat to my peace of mind.

My family was among the first to leave (5) and as we drove home in the cold, dark night I felt pretty damn good that, for this day at least, the Genie was back in the bottle.