Once in a while I take a tech break; no TV, no computer, just music, cooking, home puttering, conversations with the kids, my dog, my husband. Yesterday  was sort of like my sabbath. It’s cleansing but it also means I didn’t journal my eating. Today I can’thave breakfast until I journal. So yesterday I ate….

the devil invented low fat ice cream

Breakfast: one egg omelette, English muffin with butter spray and strawberry preserve, 1/2 orange. coffee

Lunch: 1 cup chili with dollop of light sour cream, 1/2 orange.

Afternoon Snack: Steamed spiced apple cider.

At Wegman’s,
where my husband and I do our shopping for the week, I detoured to the coffee bar first thing. They provide a nifty beverage holder I snap
onto the shopping cart so I could sip on my hot cider while I cruise the aisles. Treating myself in this small way makes the chore of grocery shopping actually not such a chore.

Dinner: Four pan-seared sea scallops, with Iron Chef Sesame Garlic sauce, Uncle Ben’s wild rice, stir-fried asparagus.

This meal was really yummy, fast and easy.  Scallops are an iffy choice for afamily dinner. Ever since my kids were in kindergarten they usually eat what the grownups eat or they starve. Sounds mean, but there was never time to cook a separate meal for them and I was concerned that as adults their future spouses would wonder why they only eat mac & cheese, hot dogs and pizza. Last night  my teenagers and their guest for dinner each had ascallop and pronounced it “not gross”.

Evening Snacks: popcorn, three flats of graham crackers, hot chocolate, one shot of amaretto (sipped very slowly) a handful of almonds and cashews.

Not eaten all at once it was still more than I wanted to eat during that time between dinner an bedtime. I was tired but wanted to stay up until my kids were back from their evening activities. A friend of mine says look out for hunger when you are tired. That’s what happened to me last night. If I had just gone to bed when my body was telling me to (around 9PM) I wouldn’t have had the popcornor nuts. Thank God there wasn’t any ice cream in the house!

PS. I did exercise yesterday! Before breakfast I ran/walked about 1 & 1/4 miles on my treadmill, twenty minutes. A good day.