The devil invented low-fat ice cream – part IV – is a conversation I’m much too familiar with.  Listen in with me, won’t you?

Devil:  You have got to be kidding me!  This can’t be good for you.  It hurts!
Angel:  It’s called HUNGER and it’s not going to kill you.
Devil:  It’s giving you a headache.  Face it, you can hardly concentrate, your vision is blurry. You must eat!
Angel:  Remember what your doctor told you when he said you needed to lose weight?
Devil:  That quack?  It’s because of him you gained weight in the first place.
Angel:  It was life saving medication that if he didn’t put you on, your kidneys would have exploded.
Devil:  Side effects are a perk of my job.

The Devil Invented Low-Fat Ice Cream – Part IV

The Devil invented low-fat ice cream

Angel:  Yeah… it was bad, but now you’re healthy and you need to lose weight.  Your doctor said, “If you aren’t hungry you aren’t losing weight and if you aren’t sweating you aren’t exercising.”
Devil:  You are hungry therefore you must eat.  Have I taught you nothing?
Angel:  And how has that worked for you? Huh?  It’s time for a new mantra, try…”Hunger is my friend.”
Devil:  With friends like that who needs…
Angel:  Shut up.

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