We all know the devil invented low fat ice cream.  I’m convinced he also authors late night hunger pangs. Let me illustrate.  Late last night, while trying to read a mystery novel,  these voices fill my head:

Devil:    There’s still a piece of that Ultimate Chocolate Cake on the kitchen counter.
Angel:   You already had a nice piece of cake earlier…
Devil:    Exactly!  All you need is a spoonful, maybe two.  What’s the harm?
Angel:  One spoonful of that cake is a gazillion calories.
Devil:    Calories, schmalories!  It’s your birthday!

The Devil invented low fat ice cream-revisited
Angel:   Hmmm…Yeah, you know, it is your birthday…
Devil:    And after you have some cake, there are those Italian cookies your husband brought home from the bakery.
Angel:   You had to push it!  No!  No cake, no cookies!

The Devil Invented Low Fat Ice Cream–revisited
Devil:    Aw, come ooon!  You are really
huuuungry!  Feel that emptiness in your belly…gnawing, gnawing…
Angel:   That’s not hunger, that’s a healthy stomach at rest.  The gnawing is from being tired, and you’re too stubborn to go to bed.
Devil:    OK, forget the cake, eat an orange, an orange is healthy and low in calories.
Angel:   Go to bed!  It’s….Holy Cow!  It’s almost midnight!  You can have an orange in the morning.  That’s a good girl.  Say your prayers…close your eyes…Nighty-night.  (Whew!…That was close.)

The Devil Invented Low-Fat Ice Cream

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