Boiling_frogToday the local NPR station, WBFO 88.7FM, broadcast a commentary I recorded at their studios some time back. There’s a special place in my heart for this essay because it recalls a particularly stressful time in my life, how, through the love of my family, I was saved from myself and together we cared for our very ill mother. Here’s an excerpt:

“I’m sure you’ve heard that if you boil a pot of water and throw in a live frog that frog will hop right out, saving his life to croak another day. If, on the other hand, you place a frog in a pot of cold water and turn the heat up slowly, that frog will stay in the pot. The frog will not jump out but slowly get used to the increasingly hot water until it boils to death. Truth or urban legend? To prove it I’d have to cook a live frog and that’s not going to  happen! It sounds true… so it should be because of what it teaches us…”

Several friends said that they found the commentary timely given the stress a lot of us feel around this time of year. I know I’m trying not to panic! I haven’t even started Christmas shopping, the decorations aren’t out yet, I haven’t found Christmas cards, much less addressed and stamped them. Meanwhile things are busier than ever at both my businesses (a good thing, but still!) and my husband’s car just broke down.

Is it getting hot in here?

Listen to the entire commentary by clicking here.

Image courtesy of Halcontent via Photobucket