It's August.  For many families that means vacation time.  Or does it?

These days the high price of everything from gas to food makes us feel a bit shaky.  When we feel economically shaky we look around and jettison 'extras'.  For many that could mean the traditional vacation trip.  In Pffffffft!  There Goes the Vacation, Alex Williams suggests that it may not be such a great idea toImages completely abandon the one thing that may keep you sane during the year.  

NPR commentator, Laura Lorson, has another viewpoint.  All she knew as a kid growing up was the stay-cation and she loved them.  Her family planned adventures close to home and delighted in simple discoveries that couldn't be duplicated on a fancier destination vacation.  Memories of Going On Staycation.

This summer my family will be taking several mini-vacations to destinations within easy driving distance.  We are looking forward to these breaks in our usual routine to visit with friends and family.  Personally I love summers right here in Western New York where the weather is sunny and warm, not killer, and the living is easy.  My idea of 'get me far, far away' vacation time is deep, dark winter.  Dare I hope the market will rebound by February?