Sf_logoThis is a proud moment for me. When I was first diagnosed with scleroderma (around 1990) my husband and I quickly joined the Scleroderma Foundation.  We subscribed to the newsletter. When the first issue arrived I eagerly opened it up. BAM! Like a direct hit I was shocked to see the crippled hands of a person with advanced scleroderma. I nearly swooned and I'm not the swooning type. From that point on John reviewed the newsletter before I read it saving me from many a panic attack.

Now almost 20 years later the SF has grown up and so, I like to think, have I.  Ann, who also has scleroderma, saw my Beyond Blue chronic illness interview in the SF online newsletter. She contacted me to share her story. I had no idea about the link in the newsletter! Thank you, Ann! It feels like a circle completed.