Today I am launching a campaign to find a qualified psychologist or social worker to join me in growing Explore What's Next.

Explore Whats Next (EWN) is a forward thinking private practice. We offer services using state of the art practice models for individuals and couples, as well as life coaching, wellness and business consultation. We use 21st century tools to market these services world wide, to reach those who need what we have to offer.

Not your (or my) Dad's private practice. The success of the EWN business model is remarkable and makes it necessary to grow in order to serve everyone who comes to us for help.

Explore What's Next offers beautiful office space, back office management, marketing, professional development consultation and more. The EWN associate has an entrepreneurial spirit, wants to work smarter, not harder and is dedicated to quality service to their patients.

Interested? Then call me, Dr. Aletta, at 716.308.6683 or email me at draletta@explorewhatsnext.com.