I've been looking forward to viewing This Emotional Life for some time now and I went and missed the first episode! Damn! Did you see it? What did you think?

Well, I won't miss tonight's. I already checked and it starts at 9PM, New York time. That's perilously close to my bedtime which explains why I missed it last night but tonight I'm staying up! I don't want to miss this.

The focus of the series is social relationships, and what Dan Gilbert, the host of the series, calls the human journey in the pursuit of happiness.

Among other things, tonight's show features Robert Antonioni, a state senator in Massachusetts. After the suicide of his brother he faced up to his own depression, guilt and remorse. Therese Borchard's interview with him was published on World of Psychology. To read the interview click here.

I just checked out the website for This Emotional Life. It is dynamic and informative, also quite pretty and not overwhelmed with ads. I recommend you take a look at both the website and the show. Tomorrow we'll discuss!