Thirteen Olympians Over Forty

Hearing a lot about the dubious ages of the Chinese gymnastics team?   Me, too, and I feel sorry for those kids.  Meanwhile there's nothing questionable about the ages of these over-forty Olympians (like Susan Nattrass pictured here).  They are the real thing.  There will be a livelier bounce in my run tomorrow because of them.

US Athletes

Libby Callahan, 56, shooting
John Dane III, 58, sailing
Jeff Hartwig, 40, pole vault
Butch Johnson, 52, archery
Brenda Shinn, 46, shooting
Dara Torres, 41, swimming
Debbie McDonald, 53, equestrian
Karen O'Connor, 50, equestrian

Canadian Athletes
Tim Berrett, 43, race walker
Ian Millar, 61, equestrian show jumper
Susan Nattrass, 57, shooting
Jujie Luan, 50, fencing team.

Hiroshi Hoketsu, 67, equestrian dressage team.