Encouraged by my friend Carolyn Thomas of Heart Sisters, I present to you the ten most popular posts at EWN for 2010! I enjoyed bringing you every single one of them!

1) 7 Ways to Start Being Nicer to Yourself

2) 10 Things to Say to a Sick Friend

3) 8 Steps to Find Hope After an Affair

4) 10 Ways to Find a Good Therapist

5) 12 Links about Finding & Keeping True Love

6) 3 Big Danger Signs Your Partner may be Having an Affair

7) The Relationships Page

8) The Self-Esteem Page

9) 10 Steps to Lower Anxiety & Find Empowerment

10)  The Chronic Illness Page

What strikes me as I look at the list is that all these posts and pages provide feet-on-the-ground, get-to-the-point, practicle advice. In 2011 EWN will our best to continue to deliver quality guidance and information with humor and not a lot of foo-foo.

If there is a particular subject or situation you would like see us tackle, do not hesitate to email (explorewhatsnext@gmail.com) or leave a comment for us below!