Courtesy of syphlix via Flickr


One day I was in my office all wound up about something… probably a bunch of somethings. I needed to get away somehow but all I had was ten minutes before my next appointment. Turning to my iPhone I opened an app called Relaxed Ambience. Basically a sound machine, it allows you to choose from a lovely array of agreeable sounds from wind chimes to whale song, waves on a beach to the crackling of a camp fire. I chose Spring Garden, with song birds, leaves rustling in the breeze a bit of wind chime. I put on the timer mode to wake me up gently in ten minutes, reclined on my comfy couch (yes, therapists use their couches to actually have a little lie down sometimes) and closed my eyes.

Ten minutes later I ‘woke up’ totally refreshed. I am not kidding. This little app made a big difference in my day.

Which made me think of other applications I’ve collected that help keep my brain on an even keel. Maybe you could use them over the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Here are my favorites. Most have a free version (for Blackberry, iPhones or Droids) and one you can purchase with all the extra bells and whistles:

1. Relaxing Ambience. Check it out!

2. Insight Timer. This is a great tool for all kinds of tasks. I found it when I was looking for something that would help me keep track of time when I was doing yoga or meditating. You have your choice of Tibetan bells chimes and you can set alarms for beginning, middle and the end of practice.

3. Pandora. The incredible radio machine. You can choose the genre of music you feel like listening to and let Pandora find it for you. I have an older car so I bought an adapter that goes in the cassette tape slot that allows me to plug in my iPhone so I can hear it over my car speakers. My current favorite channel is Classic Broadway Show Tunes!

4. My Thoughts. Inspirational quotes, affirmations, encouragement pure and simple. When you have trouble coming up with those positive thoughts all by yourself.

5. My Calm Beat. Someone actually made an app to help you breathe!

Do you have any favorite apps? Angry Birds perhaps?