Speaking energizes me and my audience benefits because it comes right back to them. My life experience allows me to identify with where they are, share inspirational ideas and practical solutions. Not just fun and games, although there’s that too, I provide solid content about taking care of ourselves inside and out.

My informative, entertaining talks can be adapted in time and content to suit your group’s needs. Give me a call if you are interested. Current popular talks:


Understanding and Surviving the Great Recession

This free, open to the public seminar takes a comprehensive approach to financial stress. Get top quality financial advice and expert suggestions for coping emotionally.

Keeping Your Sanity & Thriving During Stressful Times

Dr. Aletta understands that as the global economy went south many of us found our mood following as well.  When a crisis hits our natural first reaction is to feel powerless and out of control. The economic crisis is unique in that it has directly affected all of us to some degree and isn’t going away; it permeates just about all areas of our lives present and future. This talk is meant to:

➢    Validate our emotional reaction to stress: anger, depression, anxiety, etc.
➢    Identify and define areas where stress is greatest, e.g. work, relationships,                self-esteem, health
➢    Provide coping tactics to deal with each of these pressure points
➢    Provide creative solutions to encourage resiliency, control and balance

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 How to Have a Chronic Illness so it Doesn’t Have You!

This talk is modeled after the popular post 5 Rules for Living with Chronic Illness and Depression: An Interview with Elvira Aletta

“Yes, I’ve had my share  of chronic illness. In my early twenties I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a rare kidney disease that usually affects young boys. Weird. Then in my thirties I came down with scleroderma. Never heard of that either. When we are young it is our God given right to take our health for granted. Chronic illness means getting sick and being told it’s not going away, and that stinks. Our bodies have suddenly freaked out on us and we’ve lost control of the one thing we thought we could count on.”

With wisdom, compassion and humor, Dr. Aletta offers real hope and practical advice to everyone striving to live their best life while coping with chronic illness and to those who love them.

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